How to sell classes online (but not online classes)?
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Can you show me examples of websites you love that make it easy for you to sign up for/purchase classes? Alternatively, can you point me towards resources for best design practices for this kind of site (online signup for real-life classes)?

I'm mainly thinking of a context where you can read about descriptions of many different classes, choose one or more to add to a cart and then check out.

At this point I'm just looking for inspiration for the user experience/interface/design but I'd also be interested if you have any great examples of how to frame the actual content, especially towards parents of kids aged 7-16 interested in STEM subjects. Thanks!
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Our homeschooling co-op uses and I found it pretty straightforward.
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I've used Brown Paper Tickets to buy classes
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Skillshare is the one I'm most familiar with.
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