My Wii audio is all static! Gasp!
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Suddenly today my Wii (regular, not U) is putting out static in the audio! Google says it may be the component cables going, could it be anything else?

I have a black Wii, bought used a few years ago. I have had zero problems with it until today (like twenty minutes ago.)

When I switch from my (old-school) N-64 over to my Wii, the audio is semi-staticy. I thought "Huh, that's weird" and restarted the Wii. Still the same problem. So I unplugged the Wii, all the attached cables, including from the back of the TV, and started over. Still the same problem.

Google's telling me it may be the component cables (I'm using the 3 component cables to one my inputs on the back of the TV.)

And it's only the Wii. I just switched to my Xbox and the sound is fine.

Is there anything else I should check before ordering some new component cables? Is it likely the cables or the Wii itself?

I am now forced to watch Hulu and Netflix on my Xbox, and it's always way slower of a connection - and the remote sucks for video play.
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Response by poster: Update- sorry I'm in the middle of trying to get it all figured out: It seems to be a problem with that specific input on the back of my TV (at least I think). Any fixes??
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If it's just on that one input, does wiggling it make it any better? Try plugging and unplugging the cable like 20-30 times.

If wiggling it makes it better, you probably have a cold solder joint or cracked solder joint inside the tv where the RCA connector meets the circuit board(UGH). This, obviously, isn't really fixable without taking the tv apart(ugh^2).

Before i cant to that disastrous conclusion though, i'd try plugging and unplugging the cable a whole lot and twisting it around a bunch.

I've had several TVs, and multiple receivers where the RCA sockets just became like... slightly corroded or oxidized or something over time and started doing stuff like this. Scratching up the contact surfaces by plugging and unplugging and twisting the cable around creates a solid connection again and the problem usually goes away for quite a while.

It always seems to come back, though :\
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I had the same problem with a set of new but defective component cables. Changing the cables fixed the problem.

But that doesn't rule out a problem with the connectors or something else in your case.
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