Student discounts for software?
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I am graduating college this year and wondering what student discounts on software ought I take advantage of? I am aware of Tableau, Max/MSP and Microsoft Office Suites offering academic discounts but would like to be aware of anything that becomes prohibitively expensive after my scholarly status ends. Are there any professional organizations I can join such as the ACM that offer book or software discounts as well?
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If you have any use for MATLAB, it's vastly cheaper when you're a student: $100 versus something like $1800.
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Studica has a lot of software and hardware to look into. Some even have a commercial student license option. I purchased a commercial student license of Unity Pro (game engine) from them at a nice discount and it went smoothly.

Microsoft Dreamspark has some stuff to check out. I recently signed up for a 90-day free trial to Pluralsight (lots of technical courses) through dreamspark.
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MATLAB's student version can't be used after you are no longer a student. This is actually the case with most student licenses I've seen (along with prohibiting commercial usage).
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Your on-campus library might offer free Lynda credentials.
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The Adobe suite for sure, if you have any interest in Photoshop, etc.
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I'm not sure how useful a student license is for Adobe suite now that they're going to the subscription pricing model. I'm not sure it's not useful, either, but you'd want to check the Terms pretty carefully.
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Visual Studio and SQL Server through Dreamspark is pretty cool.
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Not software, and probably not technically in line with their TOS, but I know a bunch of people who have kept their deeply discounted, student subscriptions to The Economist long past graduation.
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Finale is $600 off the shelf, $350 for students (once you buy you can upgrade to the newest version for ~$100 each time).
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