Need art portfolio app with extended text, for ipad
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Can you recommend an app for iPad that will be useful both as an art portfolio and a sort of book creator? I'm trying to figure out a way to display small works of art with their short individual (fictional) backstories. So, sort of a picture book. Sort of an art gallery.

I was recently gifted a new iPad Air, and while I'm sure I'll spend many fine hours playing Bloons, what I'd really like to do is set up an art portfolio that is a bit like a book.

I have hundreds of tiny size ink artworks, the best of which I'd like to arrange in some fashion for viewing on the ipad. So, a gallery - or several themed galleries - where when you click an image it opens to the image and the accompanying story. Where you can page through the gallery one image at a time or jump around by going back to the gallery page. I think this is relatively standard, non-complicated layout stuff?

I do live with a computer programmer who can help, and I have been doing an art blog for a couple years, so a little technical know-how can be brought to bear. But I am hoping similar tools exist and someone here will know the best one(s). All app and related suggestions welcome!
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It's not quite what you want, but it's very straightforward and currently free: Bindle to make PDF books for iOS.

I found Apple's iBook Maker reasonable to use, and I'm comfortable with HTML and inDesign, but not expert. There are lots of tutorials available online that can step you through simple coding for it. I made a couple of picturebooks for my kids, and you don't need to publish them publically, just upload them straight to your own device.
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