Meal planning extreme!
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Help me app-ify the way that I plan for meals for extreme streamlining given a series of food restrictions.

I hate...

- Food shopping
- Spending a lot of time thinking about household stuff and meal planning

We have...

- Lots of dietary restrictions
- To stop eating out so much

I'm looking for an app or website or something that will let me plug in restrictions (no gluten, vegetarian, no peanuts, high protein, paleo, easy level of difficulty) and give me a list of recipes that meet that criteria. Preferably with a grocery list I can plug into a grocery shopping app.

Does this exist?

If not, what are your best go-to sites for recipes that fit the above criteria and are super easy to prepare?
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epicurious has a decent amount of filters, though I'm not sure about one for ease of preparation. its definitely worth a shot- some recipes they offer will be simpler than others.
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I am a bit shocked. There has been a question about building such a service earlier today and those two [ foodonthetable; emeals] were recommended, so I am only passing it on. No personal experience. Hope it helps.
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Yummly claims they have a shopping list feature but I think it's sort of the reverse, you tell them what you have and they give you recipes for meals. It's not quite what you are looking for but does have a pretty good set of adjustable settings (including prep time, gluten free, etc), really good photos of food and it's pretty easy to stick all your "nos" into a search so you don't accidentally get recipes with peanuts. After a while when you tell it what you like/dislike it will start suggesting things for you.
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What are your dietary restrictions? We use the Fresh 20 and like it.
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