What are the lyrics for Vlasta Popic's song, Nova?
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I don't speak Croatian, but I need to find out whether the lyrics to the song "Nova" by Vlasta Popic are objectionable. If anyone can understand the song lyrics, could you tell me what the singer is singing about, and if any part of it would be offensive to little old Croatian ladies? http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Vlasta_Popi/

I teach video game development at an Ohio community college. Every year, my students and I build a custom arcade game, software and cabinet, for the school. This year is the third year, and my students have chosen to make a music rhythm game. So, we're finding music with CC licenses, to use in the game.

The first game we made, two years ago, was named something initially thought innocuous by my students. But after the Newtown massacre, a little old lady happened to walk by the game cabinet, saw the title, and freaked out. Since crap rolls downward, I was told in no uncertain terms that future student projects had to be practically sterile.

So for this music game, we are being extra careful to use only non-offensive music that we have clear permission to use. And while we're following the CC license chosen by Vlasta Popic, it's the lyrics that I'm not completely sure about.

I COULD toss the song, but it takes work to encode each song properly, and I've already done so for "Nova", so I'm loathe to lose the effort.

Thanks for your help!
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Had my partner do a quick translate for me over dinner and he says it is clean. The lyrics basically say "you will need to get a new body, this one is old and falling apart even though I bought it last week. You need a new body, it looks like someone sold you a lemon." (Paraphrased because I am distracted by pho...)

So unless your little old Croatian ladies are potentially offended by being asked to confront their own discomfort with mortality, you're ok.
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