Searching for more squonky sax.
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What is some music that sounds like this? I keep thinking GE Smith SNL intros, but there has to be a well of this somewhere- I hope?
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It's not in the same genre, exactly; but if you listen to Flipper's Sex Bomb through, you'll hear some of the most squonked out sax playing I'm aware of.
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The Lounge Lizards
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James Chance
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Michael Brecker got squonky sometimes.

Ian Underwood on The Gumbo Variations from Frank Zappa's Hot Rats album.
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Well, there is Jr. Walker. Probably the originator of the SNL sound.

King Curtis

A little more old school Curtis

Junior Walker again.

Soul Finger
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Jinx. First thing came to mind was the great sax solo in Foreigner's Junior Walker.

Some of Lou Reed's stuff featured some nasty sax , thinking especially of the late 70's albums Street Hassle & The Bells:
Leave Me Alone
Looking For Love

(Marty Fogel on sax)
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Jaco Pastorius' band with Michael Brecker and Bob Mintzer

Pretty much anything James Brown's saxophonist, Maceo Parker did. Especially perhaps Pass the Peas.

David 'Fathead' Newman, saxophonist with Ray Charles for many years - Hard Times.
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Yes: Maceo Parker!
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Maceo and the Macks - Parrty
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