How to set up a weekly meal planning/recipe subscription service?
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I would like to set up weekly meal planning/recipe/shopping list service. I follow a certain dietary plan -(NOT paleo )and think that that there i a gap in the market for a simple menu/shopping list which arrives in your inbox every week. The problem is that I have no idea how to go about setting it up.I am a very decent cook and have done this for myself for about a year,so I already have a whole set of recipes and tricks that are diet compliant. I need to know if there are any software options that I should be looking at and I have no problem investing the money for someone else to do it-but I'm not even sure who I should be approaching!I would like to be able to modify it and maybe offer add ons/customizations if it was successful. So any help and advice would be gratefully received! Thank you!
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Mailchimp or some such email service would seem to work for something like this.
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Someone shared this link with me awhile back and I thought it was really interesting: Food on the Table. It sounds very similar to what you're describing, with the wrinkle that it will pick menu items based on sales at your local grocery store.
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This is the sort of thing we do for clients routinely, and it can be done with WordPress, GravityForms, Stripe and/or PayPal, and Campaign Monitor all integrated together!
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There are a lot of apps/sites that do this already for a wide variety of diet options. Emeals is one, but it's probably worth more research to see if yours is offered. If it isn't, I might wonder if the market need is really there for a whole new product.
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I really envy you your focus. I wish I were so clear and focused. I saw something a few months back that I think will help you but did not have time to search for it until today:

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Someone makes the point that craigslist started as an email.

Best of luck.
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