How can I listen to cricket broadcasts in the US?
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How can I listen to live Ashes cricket radio commentary in the US? During the first leg of the series played in England, I listened to Test Match Special via the "British Radios" app but all I get now when I choose the BBC Radio 5 link is a message telling me that "this part of the program is unavailable due to rights restrictions." I cannot access the ABC through the Grandstand website. Clicking on the live commentary link gets me ads for Grandstand but no Jim Maxwell. The link on the Cricket Australia site is dead. Google hasn't helped me. I'd rather listen on my iPhone or iPad (ios7) but I'll resort to a laptop if needed. Is there a free solution I've overlooked? Is there a paid option I haven't found? If it turns out that I can't listen to broadcasts can someone please explain why?
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Testmatchsofa is an alternative to test match special made by an independent team in England. It is much more irreverent and lighthearted than the BBC style commentary and is available world wide.
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You could use a proxy in the UK and set up your iPad to use that for all traffic... it might slow things down a bit in general but it's usually enough to get around the geo-locking of the 5Live sports extra stream.
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You need a $10 a month VPN account, then specify an endpoint in England. The BBC will think you are in England and it will work just fine. I watched a lot of the last summer Olympics that way. IP Vanish was the VPN provider I used.
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Best answer: Are you sure that this link isn't working for you? It seems to be up again on this end although admittedly it's 1.44am so there's not much action at the moment.
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Test Match Special is working on the iPlayer for me, though this is from earlier today, not live. Radio iPlayer works in the US, but AFAIK not on iOS.
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Best answer: If it turns out that I can't listen to broadcasts can someone please explain why?

Rights. The BBC has world streaming rights for home series, but not for the away ones. I believe that has exclusive digital rights for the current series within the US, but there's no audio rights deal associated with it, because is not really bothered about audio commentary.

VPN or go with the Sofa. There is a slightly sneaky alternative, which is to go through Radio Sport in NZ (on TuneIn Radio for iOS or similar) which often takes ABC Grandstand when there's no Kiwi sporting alternative, but that's hit or miss.
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Best answer: Brit expat here. Just discovered a method:
Download the ibVPN app. (They give you 15 days free for new users)
Then go to TuneIn - Radio Five Live Sports extra or BBC R4 LW.
You can purchase a month's worth of vpn for $1.99 (but I'd wait until the 2nd test)
Mefi mail me if you get stuck.
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Best answer: See also TunnelBear, for VPN endpoints in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Japan. Works on your laptop or iOS devices. 1GB/month for free, or all you can eat for $5/month. iPlayer will be convinced you're in Blighty.
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Response by poster: Thank you!

The Cricket Australia link works on my laptop just fine but still will not on my iPhone. I'm just in time for the hail.

ibVPN is working impeccably. I'll switch to TunnelBear if things get too pricey.

I can't get Testmatchsofa to load. No idea why but I'll keep trying.

Radio Sport NZ was talking about the All Blacks and who can blame them?
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If you are a Pom, you may prefer not to ... ;-)
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Response by poster: Hail! Mitchell Johnson!
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He bowls to the left, he bowls to the right - that Mitchell Johnson - his bowling is... Annoying quite good :(
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Best answer: Update: Cricket Australia is no longer geo blocked and you can listen to TMS there.
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