What is this movie?
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I've only seen the trailer, but...

It's an Asian film (I don't know which country) about a group of women who cut themselves off from the outside world in order to get the ultimate beauty secrets. I think they have to give up their ultimate desire too. At least that's what I got from the trailer. One by one, they give in to the things they've given up and die for it? From what I understand, there can be only one in the end.

Anyway, I really want to find this movie and see it/show it to some friends of mine. Does it sound familiar to anyone? I've been googling my fingers off for hours now and can't find it.
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Best answer: I remember a long time ago someone I knew was talking about this Korean horror film with this ridiculous plot revolving around a yoga school, so I looked it up. Is this what you have in mind?


A confident and enthusiastic woman, Hyo-jung (Eugene) visits a mysterious yoga institute run by an ex-actress where her radically changed friend told her to go. At the intensive training course, a young yoga master, Nani (Su-yeon Cha) explains to Hyo-jung and four other girls that only one person who masters the course most successfully can get the secret of ultimate and immortal beauty.

There are five rules for them to follow during the one week course: 1. Do not eat, 2. Do not take showers within an hour after class, 3. Do not look into a mirror, 4. Do not go out of the building, 5. Do not call anyone.

As the training goes on, girls get tempted to break the rules and Hyo-jung starts to sense there is something strange about this institute and an actress who doesn't get old...
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Response by poster: Yep, that's the one. Thanks a lot! It was driving me nuts...
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Oh now I want to know what the spoiler is! What happens to the women?
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a review
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Best answer: For me, that review ended with an ad for "One free week of unlimited yoga"...!!!
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