Axis of Awesome?
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At our company, the "Centre of Excellence" has been too overused, and we've been asked to come up with an alternative. We're hoping to find one that also spells something memorable (Centre of Genius would be COG which is not quite what we'd like). Can you help us? If it helps, the context is around a new PMO Dept, who is intended to be the new Centre of Excellence around project management. Although we have a little leeway, it needs to be professional, so "Axis of Awesome" probably won't fly (not to mention it doesn't spell anything).
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avoid "axis" due to "axis of evil" and lingering memories of ww2.
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Best answer: Well, there's Brains Trust. Or you could call a team a "benchmark group" or "leadership group."

If you have to have acronyms - and I can't imagine any business that needs more bespoke acronyms - then Benchmark, Research, Analysis, Insight and kNowledge - BRAIN. If you don't like those terms I'm sure you can find others. Each "centre of excellence" is a "BRAIN".
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Best Practices Institute
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Institue for Project Leadership And Nexus. Or I-Plan for short.
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If this is an important branding initiative, your company might want to invest in the services of a professional copywriter or naming consultant.
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PMO Consulting Services (P MOCs)

Strategic PMO Services (sPMOs)

Directorate-General, Project Management Office (DG-PMO) [and you could make a cool military-style logo]
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Best answer: Excellent Project Initiative Centre

Or see what you can come up with here.
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Center for the advancement of pmo practices (CAPP).
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