Gifts for the Twelve Days of Christmas?
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My sister needs help coming up with gift ideas for the twelve days of Christmas!

Asking on behalf of my sister! Her fiance has been having a rough couple months and she wants to do something special to brighten the lead up to Christmas. Her idea is to give him a gift for each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas and then a big present Christmas day.

Here's the tough part. She wants to do this in the appropriate multiples. For example, on day one, one of his favorite candy bars. Day two, a pair of socks, etc. I'm lobbying for day of the week underwear for Seven. Twelve is going to be a year-long subscription to his favorite magazine. But can you help us come up with ideas for the other numbers? The gifts should be more little trinkety fun than serious present. He's a very dudely dude into fitness and nutrition. He works a ton, so doesn't have too too much time for hobbies.

(And yes, we know that traditionally the twelve days of Christmas come afterwards, but this is how she is planning things!)
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Cute idea!

3: a set of tennis balls. Small pack of Ferraro Rocher, Lindor, etc. Pack of undershirts.
4: set of measuring cups, light bulbs, batteries
5: 5-pk sleeve of gum
6: a six pack of beer, pepsi, vitamin water, etc.
8: disposable razors come in 8-packs, I think. So do pens. And drinking glasses.
10: pack of socks. (For day 2, can buy a pair of gloves, or oven mitts, or slippers instead.)
7, 9 or 11: she can probably find a tool set (or wrench set, screwdriver set, etc) with odd numbers like these. Cooking sets also come in odd numbers (eg 4 pots plus lids, and a frying pan). Tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls also come in 9-packs.
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You can probably get them somewhere near you - Tim Tams, the australian biscuit, come in packets of 11. Most frustrating for divying up evenly between siblings.
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Doing some googling, hotdogs come in packs of 10, whilst hotdog buns come in packs of 8.
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You're going to fill the lower numbers with the more expensive items: it's one thing to do 6 with a six-pack of beer, but not high-priced wine!

Check around for kids' party favors, which come in lots of different-multiple packages: cheap and funny. And for 9: there are plenty of nine-roll packs of toilet paper.....
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Baseball teams have 9 players on a field at a time, football teams have 11 - maybe a set of trading cards of his fantasy baseball/football starting lineup?
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The final lineup for those of you playing along at home:

1: Memory Card
2: Ratchet straps for his truck
3: Measuring tapes
4: Pliers
5: Watt iPhone adapter
6: Socks (3 pairs)
7: Piece steak knife set
8: -in-one multitool
9: -times power flashlight
10: Disposable razors
11: tracks on a CD
12: months of Men's Health
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