How Does NYC's High-Tech Community Communicate?
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I want to sell my communications services to high tech start-ups in NYC. How do I get tech eyes onto my promotional materials? Are there bulletin boards, newsletters, or message boards that serve Greater New York City where I can advertise my services?

I specialize in graphic communications. I work with Web content, print and mobile. I match words to brands, hone start-up stories, update or refresh key information, and write user-friendly text to help companies communicate most effectively with their audiences.

I also work extensively with typography, visuals, and to some degree design.

I have experience with Web content, copywriting, taglines, mission & vision statements, brochures, pamphlets, FAQs, enewsletters, and social media.

How can I get that information to the right people: new start-ups, foreign companies, or companies just old enough to have started thinking about how content can serve their needs?
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There are lots of coworking spaces and tech meetups in NYC: General Assembly, Grind, Alley NYC (I used to be a member there), NY tech meetup, etc.
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Give a talk about something design-y at a tech meetup.
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