A comprehensive schedule for Christmas Music specials on BBC for 2013?
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Every year I look forward to BBC Radio's Christmas music specials (especially choral concerts), including the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve. In 2005 the Beeb broadcast a concert called 'Carols by Candlelight' by the Chapter House Choir that was delightful. And so every year, I scan the schedules of the various BBC Radio services to see what I can find, but I invariably miss something or other (I'm in the US, btw). For all you radioheads in the UK: is there an all-in-one place to go that has a complete list of that kind of thing?
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I'm sure the Radio Times will serve you well, but they only publish their schedules around a week in advance. Not sure about online, but the paper copy comes out on a Tuesday and this covers the coming Saturday to the following Friday.
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Traditionally it is the Radio Times and normally they publish a bumper edition covering a fortnight for Christmas to allow you to tee up your viewing and listening.

I don't know of anywhere that identifies each and every BBC Christmas special. I would tweet Chris Kimber directly and ask him.
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BBC radio press releases on Xmas specials:

Radio 2
Radio 3
Radio 4
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