Seeking estimated drive times... at some point in the future
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Is there a mapping service that will give me the estimated drive time for a given route at some specified time in the future, based on historical data?

For example, if I want to drive from my office to the airport next Friday at 5:30 PM, how long will that take? I don't really care how long it will take right now (Wednesday at 3:40 PM) because it's not yet the weekend and its not rush hour.

Or, another example, what's the best time of day on a Tuesday to drive from Boston Mass to Burlington Vermont? When will I hit the least amount of traffic?

Google, Apple, TomTom, they've gotta have enough data to figure this out. Does anyone provide an interface to let you ask these questions?
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As winterhill says, you can get "predictive traffic" on the Google Maps website. It's a little complicated but explained in this blog post

You can get it on an iPhone, but it only tells you when the traffic is heavy for your home route. I don't think there's a way to get it on demand.
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Interesting. I see that it does show the predicted traffic for the time you select, but I don't see it giving a traffic-based estimated drive time. Winterhill, are you seeing that it updates the estimated drive time based on the traffic at the time you've chosen?

This is basically all the ingredients for what I was wanting, but they haven't bothered to bake it. How weird.
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I believe old Google Maps used to do this. If you plotted directions and then messed with the traffic time slider it would update like you want. The new maps seems to hide the traffic sliders when you make directions, making this impossible.
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I have a TomTom GPS app on my phone which does this. (Of course, my phone is a work Blackberry so this may be one of the few times a Blackberry has a useful app.)
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I still have the old Google Maps, with a time slider. Changing the time for traffic does not update the time estimation in the directions, which stays saying "in current traffic."
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