Are there any websites that lets you explore the human anatomy in 3D?
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I'm looking for a low-cost app or site where you can explore the muscular structure, how they attach to the skeleton, isolate a muscle by turning on/off other muscles, etc. My chief aim is for fitness purposes so I can understand my own body better before my chiropractic visits. Book or other learnig tool recommendations are welcomed!

When I Internet-search a particular muscle I know I'm having a problem with (let's take the levator scapulae for example), I have no issue finding 2D pictures of the isolated muscle. But that leaves me confused as to where it is in my body and how to get to it.

Through a university system I remember having access to a site that would let you do this. It was like using a 3D software that would let you rotate 360 degrees in all directions, while isolating various systems in the human body.

Anatomy is a fun hobby for me anyway, so please share any fun tools you've come across too! I'm thinking of getting a skeleton model for the house.
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Best answer: Zygote Body? (formerly Google Body)
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Chrome has some apps for this.
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Visible Body for the iPad.
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Not an app, but I have found Anatomy Zone's 3D tutorials really helpful in studying anatomy.
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Best answer: There's a course (offered through/by Pilates centers) called "Anatomy in Three Dimensions" where you build the muscular system on a skeleton in clay. I don't know all of the details of it except that a friend of mine took it and loved it. This was the result of my googling about where it's offered, and it seems to be pretty limited, but maybe you live near one of those places, and maybe googling with your city name will result in more options.
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Response by poster: great! totally forgot about Google Body. the clay class sounds right up my alley, thanks @brainmouse!

any other suggestions - please share & let's keep this going!
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Biodigitalhuman does exactly that.
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