AdChoices: by Google or Yahoo??
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I saw some ads online showing a lable on the right top corner with a "i" in a triagle, by moving mouse to it it shows "AdChoices". Clicking on the label brought me to:

I need to track down an ad with such a label.
Question: Is AdChoices a service by Google or Yahoo, or what exactly is it?
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The site is operated by the Digital Advertising Alliance, which is a consortium of online advertising and marketing trade groups. The AdChoices program is the online advertising industry's "self-regulatory program for online behavioral advertising".

Many companies, including both Google and Yahoo, are participants in the program.

Since an ad with the AdChoices marking could have come from any one of those companies, I think you're going to need some other clues in order to track down the source of a particular ad.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much for the explanation!
he ads shown on the right side column on YouTube .
Can I tell it's from Google?
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Best answer: Google owns YouTube. As far as I know nobody but Google is serving ads on YouTube.
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I found a mention of AdChoices in a weird place recently: while looking at the internet traffic analytics company Quantcast. They apparently encourage publishers to include it with their measuring code, even though there aren't really any ads in their code. Perhaps that's how you saw it?
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