Quino cartoon about television.
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I've been trying to find one of my favourite cartoons, but with no luck so far. I'm pretty sure it's by Quino. It depicts a child watching TV and the child's mother coming in through the living room door. The child's head is made up of horizontal lines (presumably from watching too much TV), and the draft coming in from the door makes the lines (i.e., the top of the child's head) disconnect from each other and fly out. Help me find a link. Thank you!
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Just to verify, it is by Quino. Will search my books tomorrow, I know I have it.
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Best answer: It's the third cartoon from the end in Bien gracias, ¿y usted? (Well Thank You, and You?, 1976). Here's a link to the entire thing.
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Response by poster: Perfect! Thank you much!
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