Help me replace Everpix, at least a little.
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So I'm one of Everpix's many very disappointed soon-to-be-ex-users, and I really, really liked their Flashback emails showing me photos from Today In History. Is there any way to easily automate something like that just coming from my local Aperture library?
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I'm another one of those very sad Everpix users who will miss the flashback e-mails, and I've thought about this a little. It would be easy enough to automate sending an e-mail with pictures from a given day over the years. The part that is non-trivial is choosing which pictures to send from each day. Everpix invested a lot in technology to identify highlights from your photo library. You need some way to figure which pictures from a given day to send. Once you've done that, the rest is more straightforward.

All that said, if there's another app or service that does the full flashback package, please sign me up.
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Response by poster: Honestly, I'd be satisfied with just "here are all of the photos taken on this day on the past." Highlights are nice, but I'm okay with a fairly unfiltered view too.
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Photojojo does something like this with their Time Capsule based on previous years from your Flickr account. Requires you to have a Flickr account with photos from more than one year. Aperture does sync fairly well with Flickr, though, so you could mirror / back up albums or your entire library for free, then get loopback emails.
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Response by poster: That sounds potentially pretty workable. I'll miss the daily emails, but biweekly is still better than noneweekly.
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Best answer: I'm not sure if you can adjust the settings for only pics, but you may want to poke around with Timehop to see if it's something that might work for this.
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Response by poster: Timehop seems extremely good for what I'm looking for! Thanks!
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