Transcribing an explosion
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I'm transcribing a speech and the speaker just did that thing where you simulate an explosion noise with your throat. What should I write?
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Speaker demonstrates or imitates explosion sound?
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Yeah I would say "Boom!" too. Without the sentence for context it's harder to say. But I'm generally unimpressed and distracted by the effort to transcribe such things exactly as the writer hears them (eg: "Poouuugghhk!") or in some goddamn phonetic alphabet like IPA when there is a perfectly usable proxy like "Boom!" that people will absorb, cognitively, right away.
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[simulates explosion noise with throat]
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And then then priest turn so the rabbi and goes

[speaker make explosion sound with throat]

to which the mullah replies "Why did to come to this dman party in the first place".
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Kabloowie! (alt.: Kapow!)
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Perhaps you should consult The Thesaurus of Champions.
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Lazy-ville, that page you linked reads like a summary of old Batman shows.
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lazy-ville, I am surprised and amused that the link goes to a Canadian government site. And thank you for the resource
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[explosion noise]
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On "The Simpsons" homer's "D'oh" is scripted as "[ Annoyed Grunt ]".

Any non-word sound should be placed in brackets like that with a description for the reader. I would go with [ vocalised explosion ].
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Thanks all. I did figure I'd end up describing the sound, but it's in the middle of a sentence for half a second, and the sentence sounds wrong without it, so it's all a bit awkward. I was wondering if it might have a name?
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see also
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There is a whole academic world built around this. Here is the international phonetic alphabet. For more of the same, google 'discourse analysis.'
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"cillit bang"
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Attempting a sensible answer here: Do you really mean simulating explosion with his throat, or do you mean a glottal stop (where the air is kept in the throat and then released explosively - a sound common in arabic)?

If the latter, the symbol's like a question mark without a dot.
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I can't figure out how to make an explosion noise with my throat. Seems to me it's all in the mouth.
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