Skinny man seeks winter coat (London)
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I like M&S-style clothing, but as a slender man (35 chest 31 waist) I often have trouble finding something that fits, and the M&S range of winter coats, even in 'Small', looks a little baggy on me. Where else in London could I find something reasonably stylish, but also warm, to wear over a shirt & sweater, for less than, say, £300?

I'd also be super appreciative if people recommended what sort of coat to buy, as this is rather new to me! It'll virtually always be over either a white shirt, or a brown/greyish sweater (that's itself over a white shirt). I had the idea that what I wanted was a 'Mourinho coat', but careful GIS-ing has revealed that I have no idea what I even mean by this.
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What about All Saints?

Definitely cut for slim guys, and stylish. Something like the District (though slightly above budget) is a nice smart/cas option.
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Or if you want to spend significantly less, Burton? I just bought this one in a size small. I'm about your size (maybe a little broader in the chest and skinnier at the waist). They have an X-small that I could squeeze into if I wasn't wearing more than a shirt underneath.
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Zara or (sister brand) Massimo Dutti?
"While the brand’s signature slim-fit, fashionable cuts have had huge success in Europe and now Asia, it seems to be having a hard time finding a profitable audience outside major American cities like New York, according to a recent Economist profile.
The article has caused Zara's customers to weigh in on the company's 'tiny' sizes, which have been labelled as too small for America's 'growing waistlines'."

Esprit, especially their EDC line, also has rather slim fits.

I have wool coats from both Zara and Esprit, and I've been satisfied with their fit and quality, especially considering the price.
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Skinny man clothing (YMC). You could also try Mr Porter (there is some stuff in there under £300) or Asos, both of which have a lot of options.
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Uniqlo. They have a pea coat and a short overcoat, both for a tad under £90, in XS and S and a range of colours..
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Also: take these things to a tailor. When cooking, you can always add, but you cannot remove. Tailoring is the opposite.
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Yes, going to the tailor's in London is really cheap. Often just found in your local dry-cleaning place. And then you get stuff you really love which is a perfect fit.
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Charcoal grey, wool coat, single breasted. Check out Zara Men, Reiss, French Connection, Cos.
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Honestly, I've solved this problem a few times by going into TK Maxx and browsing the women's coats. They should have some in a 'neutral' enough style and without the bagginess.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all! I've a map of these places in Oxford Street and will go shopping tonight.
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Response by poster: I ended up buying a beautiful (srsly! so pumped!) one from Hugo Boss, which wasn't what I expected at all, but their 34 with a slim-fit waist fit me perfectly.

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions - I'd never have gone to Oxford Street without your advice - and thanks to like_neon for the Charcoal Grey advice.
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I'm surprised you found something from there for less than £300, but will have to keep that in mind next time the husband needs a new coat!
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