Dear Santa, I can explain....
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Help me write clever holiday cards.

So, each year when I write out my holiday cards, I try to write a dumb, holiday (mostly Christmas related) joke or one liner. I try to keep it short, and depending on the audience, it can range from totally tame to fully profane. So as card season is nigh, hit me with funny shit I can include in my cards!
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Photo of a festive sheep on the front; "Fleece Navidad" inside.
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This line from a xmas T-shirt I received a few years ago would make a nice xmas postcard:

Be naughty - save Santa the trip.
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Pinterest will supply you with plenty: as a starting point. Find one you like and look at the boards it's been pinned to as well for more.
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Q: Why don't we spell it C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S-L?

A: Because there's noel!
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I love these cards, which may inspire you, or at least entertain you.
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