Seeing a play at Cort Theater in New York - What seats should I get?
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I'm planning on going to see Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen do Waiting for Godot (AMAZING!). The tickets are a lot, from $100-300. Because it's already that much, it would really stink to get some of the cheaper tickets and be dissatisfied with them. Can you tell me which tickets to buy? Seating chart inside.

Here's the seating chart. Obviously the $90 tickets would be preferred, but not if we're not going to be able to see anything, we're willing to pay for any of the other options listed. Can anyone who knows anything about the Cort Theater specifically or theater in general recommend which would be best? Or is anything fine?


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I saw a show there in 2007, and I think it's possible we were in Zone D; either Zone D or Zone C. The seats were fine and we very much enjoyed the show. In general, I've found mezzanine or balcony seats absolutely fine on almost every occasion; there might be an exception but I can't think of what it is. I'm sure you'll have a great time wherever you sit!
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Best answer: I just saw both Godot and No Man's Land in previews earlier this month. For Godot, I was 5th row center Orchestra, and it was the coolest thing ever. A week later, I was in the right balcony (section D). You know what? It was also completely awesome. The balcony is HIGH (like vertigo-steep) but sight lines weren't a problem. I'd just recommend not being too far off to the side. If you are in the right or left balcony, lower seat numbers are probably better.
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Best answer: From the photo on this page you can see that the balcony is quite high. As long as you're towards the front, and close to the centre you should be fine. I'd quite happily sit here, especially considering the price of the tickets compared to the other areas.

I'd suggest taking a look at the Telecharge website. They are the official ticket seller and don't charge exorbitant markups like the site you're looking at. For example, their balcony tickets cost $36-$70, rather than $89. You may even be able to get better seats for what you were planning to pay.
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The Cort is pretty old and creaky. I would avoid the balcony if at all possible. (We see shows there every season). I would go for the front mezzanine if you can afford it.
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