What's a good gift for a parent and child on the go?
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Over the next year, my friend will be doing a lot of air travel with her one-year-old child in tow. What are some useful products that will make the whole airport/airplane process easier for both of them?
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GoGoBabyz has a wonderful item that straps onto a car seat and turns it into a stroller. I have used one several times and loaned it out - everyone raves. Of course, this assumes that she will be getting the child a separate seat and using a car seat.
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I spy bags are very cool. They are like beanbags filled with little trinkets that have one clear window so you can shake the bag around and try to see all of the items hiding inside. You can see a bunch at etsy. Self-contained, non-messy fun.
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A great seatbelt device so you don't need to take a booster or car seat on the plane for the child assuming it meets the weight/height requirements or soon will, I don't have kids so don't know how big a one year old would be. But even without being a parent I imagine not having to lug a carseat on as carry on would make life so much easier for mum and surrounding passengers.
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Definitely the Gogo Kidz stroller thingy with a seat for the little one.

In my experience, getting the seat for the child is key. Trying to cheap out with a lap child made me want to throw myself out of the plane.

Also some kind of tablet would be a huge help.
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Some kind of tablet would be amazing.
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The trunki products are all sturdy and popular. If her kid is walking, a backpack with a leash on it is really nice in airports and can carry the kid's toys and snacks.
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An ergo baby carrier. There is no better way to cart around sleepy travelers than right on your back.
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When I flew with my baby and toddler, what she needed was lots and lots and lots of variety. And since carrying a trunk of toys is impossible, I brought lots of tiny things that she could touch and play with. Small stuffed animals, ribbons, Christmas ornaments, shiny rocks, corks, bean bags, spoons, plastic models, hair bands, you name it. And I kept sets in little bags, so I could pull out, say, a Red Bag, and in it would be six small things, and she'd play with one at a time and then I'd give her three to play with together, and then the other three, and then all six, and then I'd put them all away and pull out the Blue Bag that had five new things in it. All told these would take up very little space, and fill her growing brain with many combinations of things. Putting together little kits like this is actually super fun, and giving them to your friend every so often would be really nice for her.

She also was a pacifier user, and I'd bring six or so different shaped pacifiers, and periodically swap them out. The novelty of a new taste and shape totally kept her happy. Having a pacifier in her mouth also meant that she did better on takeoff and landing, and wasn't likely to choke on any of the small toys in the colored bags because she couldn't put them in her mouth. And I didn't have to worry about her picking up a nasty cold from the airplane, either. If your friend's child uses pacifiers, getting a few (and a clip-on thing to attach them to the child) would be nice, too. I liked the kind that had snap-on covers to keep them clean(ish).
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Capri's comment made me think of the microwave steam sterilizer bags that are meant for breast pump parts. I used them for pacis, small toys, and sippy parts. Your friend might find it nice to have a few in her travel bag.
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