Substitute Philippines telephone carrier SIM for my AT&T SIM in Ipad 3
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I purchased an iPad (3rd generation) with AT&T SIM in Dallas in 2012. I am now living in Philippines and would like to use the device's comms capability with a Philipppines carrier. However, I have tried simply switching the AT&T SIM with one from the Philippines carrier, GLOBE.

Nothing doesn't work. Can anyone tell me if 1)it is possible to activate a non-AT&T SIM in my iPad; and 2)the easiest way to accomplish this.

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Ask the new carrier if you have to enter any specific settings (or google the same). I had to add some special settings to use a Vodafone SIM in india on my ipad.
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Best answer: Yeah, generally you need new APN settings to go with the new card. Pretty sure the iPads aren't carrier locked, so it's probably just that. You should be able to go to on your iPad when it's connected to wifi and have that set them.
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You might try activating the Sim card first with a phone before using it in the iPad, if what Sequence recommended doesn't work.

When I was staying in Makati I used a U.S. Verizon iPhone 5 with Globe by just popping in the sim and dialing the service activation code to allow data. Even though the card claimed to be ready for data, I still had to 'turn it on.'

I don't know if you are in Manila, but if you are, the Globe store in the Greenbelt mall, Makati was fairly helpful, though they often have lines. The best help I received with my phone was at the 7-11 stores; they sell the cards and were much friendlier.

Good Luck : )
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iPads aren't (except maybe Sprint) locked. When I removed a Verizon ipad to AT&T I had three problems:
- the wireless account section didn't work, even after I successfully activated.
- I had to activate the sim on line with the IMEI (from General -> About) to get the SIM to work.
- the iPad didn't cover all the frequencies that AT&T put service on. For AT&T this meant no LTE service, for your carrier it might be worse.

And you well may need to set up the APN by on WIFI as Sequence mentioned.
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Response by poster: OK, so I found a Dumaguete-based Apple Comms expert and he got it all working....not sure exactly how...but the recipient of the iPad reports she can use Globe now and all is well. Thanks all for your input.

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