Types of Defects in Vision
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When I was around 8 years old, I would get headaches if I watched TV for more than an hour or so. My mother took my to the optometrist and I was given an Rx for glasses that were supposed to make my eyes "aline correctly". What is the technical term for the type of vision defect I was suffering from?

My vision was 20/15, and as a teenager, the headaches dissipated on their own without the need for glasses. I never experienced any double vision, did NOT have exotropia, esotropia (Strabismus), astigmatism, or anything else wrong with my eyes. The glasses didn't seem to do anything when I put them on, and didn't seem to stop the headaches. As an adult, I am skeptical of the fact that there was anything wrong with my vision at all and I suspect they may have been very expensive placebos.

Does anyone know what the glasses may have been correcting for?
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Best answer: I guess I asked too soon as it was convergence insufficiency.
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