What sci fi story had an assistant trapped in a prof's simluation?
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I remember reading a seminal short story notable for raising ethical issues about simulated consciousness, but I can't recall the title or author. I believe a group of researchers were trapped in the simulation, being used to draft papers for the Professor.

I've been Googling different combinations of sci fi, professor, research assistant, job, simulation, slavery, and ethics. Even scoured a few lists on Wikipedia and TV Tropes, but no luck yet. I'm sure some die hard sci fi fans out there *just know*...

Thanks in advance.
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This? https://sites.google.com/site/asenselessconversation/
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Sorry whistle pig, a little longer. More details are coming back to me, though my mind might have filled some fake ones in the mix: I believe there was a female protagonist, and she was testing or volunteering for a project or job on some kind of a campus, then she starts seeing evidence of some strange or mysterious occurrences. She and a coworker begin to investigate, and find students working to solve problems in a building she wasn't originally supposed to access. Some of the strange occurrences she noticed, notes that referenced her childhood, were actually sent by herself from previous cycles of the program.
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That sounds like Vernor Vinge's "The Cookie Monster."
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Almost certainly Vinge. The character we first meet is a girl on her "first" day on the job where she is supposed to take the time to actually solve her customer's problems - "take an hour, heck, take all day to do it - customer satisfaction is very important to us!" Of course, there's some minor flaw where she and her coworkers realize every day is the first day.
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Here is The Cookie Monster in its entirety.
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Whoops, not in its entirity - looks like just the first half.
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If you liked that story, you might like Fred Pohl's story The Tunnel Under the World, which has a similar premise.
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