Meet me in St. Louis, Meet me at a big screen movie theater
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This December, I want to see the holiday movie Meet Me in St. Louis at movie theater. It needs to be on a weekend. It should be in a city served by Southwest Airlines. A beautiful revival theater would be awesome.

(I've been asking the Castro Theatre if they planned to show it this year, but they can't seem to answer me.)
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it looks like the gateway film center in columbus, ohio is showing it (well, it's premiere is on) december 6th, which is a friday. southwest flies there from LAX (your profile says southern california). you might want to call and see if they're showing it that entire weekend, or if it's only on friday.
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forgot to add that it does not look like it is a revival theatre, but… yeah.
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December 15th and 16th at the Paramount in Austin
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Response by poster: We could make it to OH, but Austin is a direct flight. I'm hoping that there might be some other options. So please keep those suggestions coming.
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you might also want to look up a list in theatres in saint louis and call and see if any of them have plans to show it. 'cause christmas needs the kind of cheese that seeing 'meet me in st. louis' IN st. louis brings.
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