Searching for a Lumix Li-ion Replacement Battery in Austin
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I'm trying to find a replacement battery for my Panasonic Lumix camera in south Austin, TX. The camera is a relatively new model (DMC-FZ200), and I'm having a hard time finding local stores that might carry the battery in stock. The battery is a DMW-BLC12PP 7.2V, 1200mAh/8.7Wh Li-ion. No time for ordering, I need to find something and pick it up tonight. Thank you for your help!
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It has to be South Austin? This seems like something Frye's would carry but you'd have to be willing to go way up north on Mopac (unless there's another Frye's I don't know about).
posted by jayder at 4:28 PM on November 14, 2013

Have you been to Precision Camera? It's on Anderson Lane east of Mopac. Fry's has some potential also.
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