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What is the name and/or origin of the meme where intensifers/adverbs are placed before nouns?

I've seen it a few places and happen to find it hysterical. It's commonly used on this blog (which I also don't get...) such as in this post. I've seen it elsewhere, too, most recently here.
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It's called "doge" and has to do with an image macro where people add comic sans nonsense to pictures of shiba inus, AKA "shibe".

I refuse to link any of this silliness (in other words, I am at work and cannot risk falling down either a tumblr or reddit silly meme rabbit hole right now), but googling "doge" (possibly along with "meme" to avoid hits about the Doge of Venice) or "shibe" will provide lots of examples.
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Oh, and re the "random intensifier + grammatically mismatched word" ("such complicated", "very beard", etc) thing seems to be the 2013 equivalent of things like "teh", "i can haz", etc.
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Interior monologue captioning?
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Looks like this one took over a year to reach my corner of the internet. Thank you!
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The original picture of that Shiba Inu has been around for some time in the meme-verse, but here in the past few weeks it seems to have sky-rocketed. One of those sleeper memes I guess.
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If you want more, there's a newly popular subreddit for the meme: /r/SuperShibe (top posts)
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so favorite meme

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