Running - but for the arms??
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Running has done amazing wonders for my tree trunk like legs. I am wondering if there is an equivalent exercise to get shapely arms?

Thanks to my European peasant stock heritage my legs tend toward the stocky, tree trunk variety - no shape. After dabbling in all sorts of exercises over the years, I noticed that running actually gives them a nice, lithe shape.

I want to achieve a similar result with my arms, which are also stocky and tend toward bulky if I am not careful. Complicating matters is that I put on muscle crazy-easy (those shape magazines that say women can't build bulk like men easily are flat out lying - I sure can w/o hardly trying) Has anyone in the hivemind found such an exercise to produce similar results for my arms?

Thank you for reading! All thoughts welcome!
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Jump rope?
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I had the same problem. I was running and getting great results with my waist and legs and what not but my arms were kinda meh. I started running with hand weights. 3lbs in both hands at first and then 5lbs after a while. My arms and shoulders became defined and strong in a muscular sense but not at all BEEFY as they may if I did strength building exercises.
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Pilates and yoga will help tone your arms if you're already doing a lot of cardio exercise to burn fat.
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If you want your arms to look a different way without adding muscle, you're going to have to remove fat, so I would say the prescription is yet more running.
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Yes! The armcycle machine! I don't know what is so radically different about it from other types of exercise but for the first time in my life (and rather late in life) I have enviable upper arms. Arms that get compliments, which is just incredible to me.
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Free weights do the trick. Just do standard biceps, triceps and shoulder exercises.
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seconding yoga! my arms have never been so toned. (sun salutations are particularly good for this).
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front crawl swimming with pool buoy. I swim twice a week with pool buoy for around 45 min each session. my arms are awesome now. (I also put on muscle really easily). I have been trying to add breaststroke in too to try to get somewhere with my legs.
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Rowing machine - I can't personally use it because of an elbow thinger but I know people who are happy with it.

Also, pull-ups/chin-ups, assisted if you need it (I definitely did at first and am now up to a respectable number of unassisted! You can do it!).
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Third for yoga. Look for a Baptiste power yoga studio.
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