Disable iTunes Radio on iPhone?
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Is there a way to disable iTunes Radio on the iPhone, or at least keep it from being the default Music app selection and overriding my previous selections and playlists?

I tend to set up long playlists that carry me through the day or week, and one thing I've always liked is that I could start a shuffled playlist (or album) in the morning, then pause it as I work or do other things, and then I could un-pause it (hitting the button on the headphones) to pick back up where I left off.

With the addition of iTunes Radio to the Music app, I have lost this functionality. I start a playlist in the morning, and then almost always (a couple times it hasn't done it, for no known reason), when I un-pause my music later on via the headphone button, some iTunes Radio station starts playing. Then I have to re-navigate to my playlist and start it over, and since I have to reshuffle I end up hearing stuff repeated all the time. If I don't use the headphone button and navigate to the Music app, the screen defaults to iTunes Radio, and again, I have to relocate and reshuffle my playlist to go forward.

I tried a solution suggested online in which the iTunes Radio icon can be removed from the menu at the bottom of the screen and replaced with something else, but this does not stop the defaulting behavior.
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Maybe it's using the headphone button that's causing the problem, because I do the exact same thing you do, and it pops up with where I left before with no worries. The only thing that's different is that I don't use the toggle on the white apple earbuds.

The only time it doesn't pick up where I left off is when the phone has been plugged into iTunes and I've done a back-up. At that time, it usually goes back to Playlists or Albums or Artists.

Hope this helps!
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Wait, it doesn't ask you "Please connect to wifi to use itunes radio" and then "Are you sure you want to play radio over cellular data"?(paraphrasing, but you get the idea)

My phone will never start playing itunes radio without whining. Often if i stop and start it again and a few hours have gone by it pops up the second message again. Unless i literally paused it a few minutes ago and the music controls are still showing on the lock screen, it's not going to start again without some interaction from what i've seen.

I'd just go in to settings>cellular and disable "music" which will kill radio unless wifi is on, and also remove it as a "default" to be triggered when you push that button.

If I don't use the headphone button and navigate to the Music app, the screen defaults to iTunes Radio, and again, I have to relocate and reshuffle my playlist to go forward.

I HAVE seen this, and it's bullshit. No suggestions there. There seems to be a "timer" in ios 7 that kills the memory of what was last playing after a certain amount of time that's never existed in iOS before. Blocking it on cell data at least prevents it from trying to play, but it's a crapshoot as to whether it will actually start where you left off.

This is irritating behavior, and i have no idea why they took out the ability to leave things paused essentially forever. That's a separate problem from the itunes radio one, however, that i noticed pretty much within the first day of using ios 7. I assumed it was a bug, but now we're 3 patches in and it's still around so i'm starting to get scared that it might be a "feature".
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I don’t use the Music app enough to be familiar with this behavior, but I know you can rearrange the tabs at the bottom by going to More (with the three dots) and hitting Edit at the top right.

This is only a guess, but perhaps if you take Radio off the main list and put Playlists in that first spot, Playlists will become your new “default?”
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In Itunes on your PC, select all the music in your playlist. Right click (in windows) and select 'Get Info.' 5 tabs over is Options and under that tab is 'Remember playback option.' Check that option and hit 'ok.' Now, when you stop that playlist it will pick up where you left off when you resume. Not sure how to do the same on a Mac.
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