Looking for romantic heavy metal songs
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I'm looking for romantic heavy metal songs, specifically Iron Maiden songs. Any ideas?

I'm planning a romantic surprise for my boyfriend, and I'm thinking that I could tone down the girliness of twinkling candles by playing some heavy metal (which is also his favourite type of music).

Also note: when I say "romantic surprise", I mean it's going to be very sweet and emotional, not a sexy surprise (although not ruling that out for later...) Any help is much appreciated!
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Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
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Not metal, but might fit the bill: Love is good, love can be strong!
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Also not true metal, but check out Leatherface covering the King: I can't help falling in love with you.
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Holiday - Scorpions
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Woo. Iron Maiden is a TALL order. The only song I can think of that comes even close is Wasted Years.

Are you willing to delve into the universe of the cheesy 80s hair metal power ballad? Or is your fella a real deal metalhead, who might be offended by passing off hair metal as real metal?

What kind of bands besides Maiden does your man like? That might help guide the suggestions.

Are you okay with songs that sound sort of mellow and pretty, but might not be about lurve and stuff? When it comes to heavy metal, ballads tend to be about things like Norse gods, or the inevitability of death.
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Judas Priest does a righteous cover of Diamonds and Rust which is sort of about love but not a love song. Definitely not a sexy song though.
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Response by poster: pazazygeek - I should have specified - it doesn't need to be Iron Maiden (just bonus points if it is because I know their usual lyrics are no where near romantic. :)

I've heard him play "Send me an Angel" by the Scorpions.

He's also a big fan of "No one like you" by the Scorpions - this song is ideal :)

I've also heard him play "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Sweet Child o Mine" by Guns n Roses. So I know he likes at least some songs by these bands as well.

I'd rather have love songs by other metal bands than non-love ballads by Iron Maiden. And no, he's not a die-hard metal fan.
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I assume he's into the classic heavy metal sound if you're looking for Iron Maiden songs specifically- as a whole, romantic/love songs are a bit thin on the ground in that particular genre (though easier to find than in, say, black metal). And yeah, as said, Iron Maiden is a tall order in this case- there are, however, a couple of B-sides that I'd say basically fit the description- "That Girl" and "Reach Out."

There's also Judas Priest's "Last Rose of Summer", as well as their above-mentioned cover of "Diamonds and Rust". Black Sabbath's "Sabbra Cadabra" comes to mind as well.

Generally, with the exception of a couple subgenres (gothic metal and certain kinds of power metal), love songs are not especially common in metal. If he likes those subgenres, there's plenty to choose from, but they tend to be pretty polarizing among metal fans, and I'd want to be sure he was into those particular subgenres before I delved into them. (Also they tend to be inclined towards the dramatic/tragic sorts of love story, which might not be the most appropriate thing for your purposes.)
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Yeah straight up love songs are sort of hard to come by. Judas Priest's Desert Plains? Ratt's Round and Round?
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I guess it wasn't an official album track, but what about Judas Priest's "Prisoner of Your Eyes"?
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Does he really like guitar solos? For a "virtuoso instrumental guitar" flavor:

Tender Surrender by Steve Vai - this track, to me, is basically a sweet, romantic lovemaking session.

Love Thing by Joe Satriani

Rubina by Joe Satriani

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Worth Fighting For by Judas Priest.
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I give you the most romantic (and simultaneously, perhaps the most shrill) hair metal song ever: I'll Never Let You Go by Steelheart.
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Oh boy! You have opened the floodgates my friend! If we're talking about hair metal ballads... this is going to be fun. I'm a fan of:

Alone Again by Dokken
I Remember You by Skid Row
Love Song by Tesla

Oh there are so many more good songs -- I'll post more in a bit.
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Since he likes the Scorpions, how about Always Somewhere and Loving You Sunday Morning.
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Scorpions' Coming Home ( the full version, including the slow beginning part), might fit the bill.
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