Identify a classic rock song by outro (butchered approximation attached)
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I always hear the very end of this song on the local rock station, but never any other part! Since much of what the station plays (94.1 WHJY, "94 HJY" in Providence, RI) could be called "classic rock", I'm going to assume it falls into that category. A butchered GarageBand approximation of the outro is attached. (Note that the actual outro is played on an electric guitar - it's actually chords.)

I don't have the time or GarageBand skills to figure out each and every chord, so this melody is just an approximation - hopefully you'll get the idea. The actual thing is electric guitar, of course, with a bit of "echoing" in the background. I believe there is bass and some type of yelling in the background. No lyrics I can catch - sorry.
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Best answer: Run Like Hell?
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I hear Run Like Hell, too, but maybe also Black Gold from Soul Asylum?
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Response by poster: Yes, it's "Run Like Hell"! Thanks!
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If this ever happens again, that station has a running list of every song they play, day-by-day and hour-by-hour.
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