Sweater Obsession
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I recently stumbled across this sweater and I'm enamored with it. Unfortunately, it's sold out or $600 everywhere I can find it. Oh great hivemind, can you find me a sweater that ties in the front like this and drapes all gorgeously? I especially love how wide the belt is and how gracefully the sweater flows from the waist.
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I'm on my phone and apologise for not having a look myself here, but: Rick Owens is fairly regularly ripped off, and ioffer.com is a bustling marketplace for, well, rip-offs. Ditto with eBay, but they are cagier about pretending to police it so it requires more digging...
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Have you googled "wrap sweaters" more generally? They come in lots of styles, many of which look close enough to your link. Phone isn't cooperating or I'd give a couple of options, but an image search turns up a lot.
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Best answer: this looks like a pretty on-point knockoff for under $15.
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Response by poster: For everyone following, I also found this pattern to make pretty much an exact knockoff. I love love the extra long scrunchy sleeves, so I might have to find someone to sew this for me!
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