Do you know a programme that showed a dance in a swimming pool?
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I don't suppose you remember a programme that showed ballet or contemporary dance in a swimming pool at night that would have been shown in the UK in the late 80s or early 90s?

- it was broadcast late at night, probably on a weekend
- I seem to think it was Channel 4, but it could have been BBC2

I know it's unlikely that anyone will remember this, and just as unlikely that if you do it's online somewhere, but I would like to find it again and I haven't found a good way of searching for it.

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I don't suppose it was Esther Williams. =)

But seriously, there are a number of possibles on YouTube under Water Ballet...
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Best answer: Channel 4 used to have a show called "Dance on 4". A list of their episodes can be found here. 1987's ballet "Waterproof" sounds like it fits the bill:
Water ballet created by Daniel Larrieu for performance in an Olympic sized pool, filmed above and below the water and performed by Daniel Larrieu, Jean-Louis le Tacon and the Compagnie Astrakan.
Video here.

Alternatively, The South Bank Show used to be on ITV and show on Sunday nights and showcase a whole bunch of arts. You can find an episode guide here, in case that is stirring any memories.
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Were they dancing in actual water or was the swimming pool empty?
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Response by poster: Muffin Man, I think you've done it! That's truly amazing. Never underestimate the power of AskMe...

Waterproof has the look and feel of exactly the thing I remember - the lit swimming pool, the black costumes and the occasional use of sinister-sounding music. Unfortunately it doesn't look like the full thing is online anywhere but it looks like I have the opportunity to buy the DVD with limited rights for €122 (!) here. My curiosity doesn't carry me quite that far, but I'll have a look to see whether any local libraries might have it.

Thank you!
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