Help needed with nvidia works with Parallels Desktop 9 in MS Windows 8.1
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I have an Apple MacBook Pro Retina display with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M I use Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac and I installed Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro with success, however windows does not recognize that I have nvidia installed in my system. My question is: How to let Parallels Desktop 9 to enable NVIDIA work in windows 8.1 pro? If it does not support it, what other tools or software to make nvidia work in windows 8.1 pro? Thank you.
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What are you trying to do?

Because while Parallels 9 supports "3d acceleration" for the windows desktop, if you're trying to game, you're waaaaaay better off bootcamping your mac.
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That's not how Parallels works. It puts its own set of drivers into Windows, to receive the calls. Parallels then rearranges those requests to render on the Mac.

As Oktober says - if it matters that you aren't driving the video card directly, you need to use Boot Camp to boot directly into Windows.
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Did Windows install a generic video adapter driver? Can you try running nVidia's hardware detection tool? (Site attempts to run a Java application--- which may be what you want, but not what everybody wants)
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Response by poster: To Sunburnt:
The detection tool by nvidia could not detect it.
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Response by poster: To oktober & wotsac,
Thank you for your information.
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Response by poster: To odinsdream,
I will try the steps you have recommended. I will let you know if the method work.
Thank you.
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Your video card doesn't work in Parallels because Parallels is simulating a generic video card instead. There isn't really any way to work around this unless Parallels supports it directly (I know VirtualBox has experimental 3D support, but it's flaky as hell in my experience. Don't know about Parallels).

Your best bet is to either use Bootcamp or a Windows emulator like CrossOver. I use CrossOver to run Windows games on my Mac and it works surprisingly well (sometimes).
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