What is this horrifying Batman parody?
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Can anyone point me to this online Batman deconstruction?

The recent posting of "The Deal" to the blue and subsequent twitter conversation about the most awful Batman oneshot made me think of this parody I remember from a few years ago. It's a short story about Batman devising something to fight the war on crime: an evil bear-trap machine that he puts on the faces of "criminals." Batman is denounced as a maniac by Alfred, and then goes on a mutliation spree, using the bear trap to chop off the lips of people he has deemed "criminals" (I think the first one is a homeless dude with a sign asking for drug money) so that they will always be recognized by upstanding citizens. It was black and white, maybe monotone shaded, very stark, a long vertical scroll. It was the most singularly horrific Batman short I've ever read, and also the one that I think has the best grasp on Batman as a character and a social phenomenon regarding criminality and punitive justice. Does anyone know what this comic is and where to find it?
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It was made by Joshua Hall Simmons. His site seems to be down but the Wayback Machine has it archived.
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Thank you! That's it, right there. Yeesh.
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