Best Wireless Digital Photo Frames?
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For Christmas, I'd like to purchase digital photo frames for family members that would allow me to update the photos wirelessly. The reviews for several of the digital wi-fi frames are awful on Amazon. Do you have any recommendations for digital photo frames that specifically come with wi-fi? Or another digital photo frame that would be easy enough for non-tech-savvy people to use? Thank you.
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I forgot to say that I'd like to spend under 150 and well under that, if possible.
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Could you get a regular digitial photo frame that you like and get a wifi SD card to put in it? It looks like this one will let you put photos on the card remotely, but you should double check:
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I tried over the years to do this for myself and family members and I finally just gave up. As you've found the quality and/or features and specs of nearly all digital frames is just awful. The resolution is bad, the viewing angle is bad, if you have a mix of vertical and horizontal oriented photos like I me then you can only really have one set that will look good. Even the aspect ratio on many frames is wrong.

I wouldn't waste my money.

Perhaps you can set up a shared photo stream if everyone has IOS devices or some other sharing app or program that's easy to use. Maybe you can set up a website or portfolio somewhere that they can easily view and you can easily update. Maybe periodically put pictures on their computers that they can use as screen savers?
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I am using my Blackberry Playbook for just this purpose. It was gathering dust until I figured out I could use it to photoshare with grandma. The screen resolution is good, the native pictures app plays slideshows, you can file share via wifi too. In three years of Playbook ownership it's about the first use I've found for it where it doesn't suck and should be within your price range.
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The best way I've found to solve this is to buy the person an AppleTV, then set it up so that it subscribes to your Photo Stream. Then, whenever you snap a new photo, the picture is available for the AppleTV to see (via WiFi) and it appears on their TV. An AppleTV is ~$100.
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Yes, the AppleTV is the perfect device for this, presuming they have a decent flat screen tv. If you aren't invested in the Apple iCloud ecosystem, it will happily show screensaver slideshows from the contents of a Flickr account.
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I gave a pix-star frame to my parents and it has worked beautifully. I can recommend it.

All it requires on their part is wi-fi. Once you set that up, you can control the frame (remove older pictures, etc) from the pix-star website. You are also given an email address you can send photos to and they automatically appear on the frame. This has been the most useful since it means I can take photos with my smartphone, email them off to my parents and they see it popup almost instantly.

My parents loved it and got a bit hooked on it. It makes a 'ding' sound when a new photo comes in and they would look over to see what new photo came in.
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