Does this card game still exist on some form?
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I used to play a set of solitaire games called Thieves And Kings, which for some reason is no longer available to download. I particularly enjoyed a game called Fortitude. Does this game exist under other names? I'd love to find a tablet version.

i've looked for screenshots of Fortitude to no avail, so I'll do my best to describe it! It seems to be a combination of Patience and Freecell. At the top, there are four places - one for each suit - and the draw stack. Clicking the draw stack gets you one card at a time, stacking in front of each other (so if you draw a 5, then a 7, you have to move the 7 to get to the 5.)

Underneath, the cards not in the draw pile are dealt in six random stacks, with two free places. You can move the cards around to the free spots or the stacks, but it has to be in order and in alternating suits. The aim is to complete each suit by sending cards to the top spaces. Initially, you have all four suits up to the Jack, then next level includes the Queen, the next the King, then the number of free places is cut to one. It's the combination of levelling up and the strategy of obliterating a stack to get to that crucial 3 that I enjoyed most.

Is there anything similar out there? Assuming my description has,t confused all of you...
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Response by poster: I have found a screenshot if it helps.
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Response by poster: Here's a clearer explanation.
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The solitaire package Pretty Good Solitaire doesn't list Fortitude under its many options, but what it does offer is a solitaire game creation wizard. So you could potentially use that function to recreate the game, even if it isn't hidden in the 800-some-odd games that are already included under another name.
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I am not technically savvy enough to figure out if this link points to the actual game, and whether it would be installable and playable - looks to be for palm pilot?
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