Arachnid Identification Question #248: What is this little guy/girl?
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Looking for ID on a furry arachnid

Found him/her/it on my trashcan on November 10, 2013 in central Virginia. Seems to be mighty cold (though it was a seasonably warm day) for this guy to be out and about. Really struck me odd, as it appears to be something you would find in a much warmer/humid climate. He was probably a bit bigger than a US quarter ($0.25) Any idea?
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Looks like Salticidae, a jumping spider. IIRC they can live up to a couple years.
posted by Noms_Tiem at 10:37 AM on November 11, 2013

Regal Jumping Spider (scroll down to picture 2)
posted by pipeski at 10:39 AM on November 11, 2013

I believe that pipeski might have it, but very odd that it appears they are found mostly in peninsular Florida, though...
posted by kuanes at 11:03 AM on November 11, 2013

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