What to do around NYC 11/22 to 11/24
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Know of any fun activities for the weekend of 11/22-11/24 somewhere around NYC?

My wife's birthday is coming up and I'd like to do something for her. We live outside NYC and have a car, so we'd be open to doing something in a few hour radius. It seems easy to search for things like concerts or shows and I still might do that, but I don't feel like I'm doing a good job of searching all of the surrounding areas.

Sometime last year I found an event at a winery for making your own wine-infused chocolate and that kind of thing seems perfect, but we couldn't go at the time and it's not available for the upcoming weekend.

Her likes include music (pop or more singer songwritery), shows (up to and including ballet), wine, cooking classes.

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Maybe try Sidetour I haven't done any of their events but I get their listings via email, and they often have unique cooking classes listed (along with other unique activities).
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Time Out New York is a good resource for this. Here's the event listings for your dates - you can filter by the categories on the right:

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Best answer: ICE has a ton of cooking classes (CIA doesn't have classes that weekend). There are a bunch of events at Lincoln Center that weekend, including free Juliard student recitals and the opening weekend of Macbeth. If you've never seen the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, it's awesome. I've heard good things about Kitchensurfing, but haven't tried it personally.
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This is a little bit off in left field suggestion, but I'll put it out there:
you could go watch cyclocross.
The Supercross Cup will be taking place in Harriman State Park at the Anthony Wayne Recreation area on both Saturday and Sunday. Cyclocross is like a cross between road biking and mountain biking. Or maybe more like steeplechase on bikes. Whatever the case, it takes place is pretty settings in the fall and the people who go are pretty awesome and there tends to be a reasonably amount of hilarity and since it takes place in a big circuit running through the woods, you see the cyclists over and over again unlike most races. There are multiple races through the day starting before 8am and going until around 4pm.
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Response by poster: We went to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, it was a hit. Thanks everyone.
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