I've been Stung!
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Heard a Sting (The Police?) song at the bar, never heard it before. Funky '80s sound, totally fit my mood that night. My google-fu failing me, I turn to the wisdom of metafilter....

I was at an Irish pub the other night and they were playing '80s-ish dance music when this song with Sting's voice came on. It was so awesome! I'd never heard it before (and I thought I knew all his hits). It had a good '80s sound that held up well, was very danceable and the lyrics totally suited my mood that night.

- it sounded very '80s (my guess, late '80s) with some kind of synthesizer used and a good bass line
(if I were to compare, think the sound of his song "We'll be together")

- immediately after the song, "Englishman in New York" came on (but that could have just been a coincidence)

- I don't remember the lyrics much, but my hazy memory says that one or more of the following is true: chorus was repetitive and very easy to catch on and sing along (kind of like the "is anybody alive in here" from Miss Gradenko); he seemed to be happy about something that typically isn't considered a happy thing to sing about (breaking up? being alone?); OR the topic itself was borderline inappropriate for a song (maybe that's every '80s Sting song); OR it reminded me of the holidays somehow; OR I was thinking man songs like this typically depress me and leave me feeling isolated but man I'm just so happy; OR there was a lot of him singing "you" in the chorus

- I vaguely remember the lyrics being fairly "pop" and superficial for Sting but the synth/bass was just so good I could overlook it

Song definitely was not
- post-Police E-Z listening garbage that even Sting himself laments (Fields of Gold etc., ugh)

- the song did NOT have that no-frills, raw rock + snare drum sound that immediately makes me think of The Police; therefore I figure it was a solo Sting song but I can't say for sure.

I'm kicking myself for not shazaming it. If "Gradenko" could blend with "We'll be together", then that would be the song. I searched Sting's website; nada. Any ideas?
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Nothing Like the Sun.
You have the song title correct.
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Oh, not. Sorry.
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I assume you checked the obvious "Be Still My Beating Heart" which comes before "Englishman" on that album. Andy Summers plays guitar on it, making it slightly more familiar perhaps.
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Response by poster: the Real Dan - I believe I trolled the entire "Nothing like the sun" album on Sting's website, no luck.

girlhacker - "Be Still" isn't fast enough tempo for the track I heard. It was very dancy and upbeat.
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Could the album be The Very Best of… Sting & the Police? The song before Englishman in New York is Can't Stand Losing You from Outlandos D'Amour.
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Response by poster: plokent - Yeah, as I found on his website, "Englishman" is on many albums. I have this specific greatest hits album, and it wasn't any of their big hits. I'd never heard it in my life. Very synth / pop heavy.
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Love is the Seventh Wave?
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Response by poster: spikeleemajortomdickandharryconnickjrmints - that's the right feel! upbeat, just needs more cheezy synth.

tomboko - right synth! but it wasn't a calypso beat, more standard pop beat

Hey at the very least I'm finding some great obscure Sting songs

keep 'em coming please
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Can't Stand Losing You?
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Man In A Suitcase?
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Possibly something on Soul Cages? though that's more in the direction of 10 Summoners Tales but with less suck.

Any chance it's actually Gotye?
(viz. mash up)
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So Lonely?

Wait to judge until you hear the chorus, which is happy-sounding and catchy despite the topic. Plus it has a fun, bouncy bass line at the end (and a hilariously bad video).
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Or maybe Bombs Away? It's synth-ier than So Lonely.
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I don't think this is quite what you're describing, but what the heck: If I Ever Lose My Faith in You.

Certainly you have already eliminated If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free?

Neither of those quite seem to match the description to me, though. Neither are obscure at all, either.
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Best answer: Ok, I found it after clicking around some of links you guys sent and following the youtube trail... apparently it was a rare demo from '81 album "Ghosts in the Machine" that never got released.

I don't think we could ever be friends
(bar version was better quality)

(I also found the awesomely remastered music-only version, so good, makes me want to go clubbing on a Sunday night.)

Thanks for your help! And for showing me some cool lesser known songs (Man in a Suitcase!! Canary in a Coalmine...)
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Response by poster: (lesser-known to me at least....)
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The Lazarus Heart?
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The Bed's too Big Without You?
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