Help me fight this parking ticket!
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At what time of the day are the parking meters no longer in effect on 17th St NW in Washington, DC?

Back in September my girlfriend and I were in Washington, DC. We got a parking ticket, but only found out about it recently thanks to a letter in the mail from the DC DMV. We are certain that the spot we parked in was a 2 hour parking spot that only required use of the meter up until 6:30pm. The time on the ticket was 7:02. I know that a lot of the parking near the Mall is metered until 10:00, but I'm sure this isn't the case for the spot we were in. We were parked on the east side of the street, somewhere between D St NW and E St NW. I tried looking on Google Street View but the sign is blurred. I also tried Bing but the sign isn't readable.
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Is there any identification number for the meter on the ticket?
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You might have misread the signs, which can be confusing. On G St. at least, between 17th and 18th, the meters are enforced until 10pm. The 6:30pm time is just when the two-hour limit ends, meaning at 6:31pm you can start paying for more than 2 hours, but you still need to pay until 10pm.

I suggest you dispute the ticket anyway. In February we received a speeding ticket in the mail from an automatic traffic camera. We contested the ticket online and it's *still* under review. Good luck!
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Best answer: I drove by your exact location today and confirmed that the meters are enforced until 10pm. You could still try to request leniency by claiming that the signs are confusing (which they are!).
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