Need comfy shoes for around the house
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This seems like such a stupid question, but that's because I'm stupid about shoes and clothing. Our new house has laminate flooring, and it's killing my feet. I guess I'm used to the cushion that carpeting provides. I need some shoes I can wear around the house that have enough cushion that they'll prevent some of the foot pain I'm having. Difficulty: I hate wearing shoes in the house -- not for cleanliness reasons, but because I'd prefer to walk around in socks. Some kind of sandal would therefore be best, because it would be the least constricting. Also, I get really hot feet, so I need cool shoes. So, please, name that shoe, and tell me where to find it.
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Okay, you'll probably balk at this idea, but just read the reviews first before making up your mind. I think it will be a lot more sock-like than sandals, and still meet all of your conditions. I have laminate floors too and think these are the greatest things ever and basically live in mine.
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I use Birkenstocks for this exact purpose. Found pretty much everywhere, at Zappos, Famous Footwear, etc.
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Fleece-lined Crocs?
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You can get yoga socks with bumps or strips on the bottom that provide traction. I've got a couple of pairs of bed socks the same way, but they tend to be warmer than yoga socks.

My husband lives in his five-toe flipflops, but that's because he wears Vibrams and toe socks, and this way he can just put his toe socks on and wear the flipflops around the house, and have warmth and traction at the same time.
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Minnetonka Slippers.
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In my experience, if you like to wear socks around the house then you are better off just purchasing several washable rugs. Improvements is an online store that has them in all sorts of sizes and colors. I have two of them that are 8 feet long and 3 feet wide that cover a great deal of my living room. And there are larger & smaller sizes than this available too. When they get dirty I just pop them into the washer and dryer.

If you must have a slipper (which I'm not sure you'll actually use- habits die hard) The acorn thong slipper on amazon is both cushion-y and airy. The men's version of the slipper is not a thong, but it seems airy enough. Both are black though so they could easily be unisex.
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I have a pair of regular old black Crocs (not lined with anything) that pretty much serve as my house slippers. Aerated and super comfy with or without socks, year round.
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I love these Dr. Scholl's flip flops and they remind me of my grandmother.

I also have used similar Naot and Birkenstock flip flops for house-shoes.

It's difficult to know without knowing what kind of support you need. I like the crocs slippers but my feet run cold so those would not be good for you. If you are dealing with serious chronic pain like plantar fasciitis - my friends with that have really liked MBTs - here is a slip on sandal example.

I wear house-shoes because it's just what we did in my family and it lets me be a bit lazier about cleaning. Any shoe can be a house shoe but slip-ons are easier.
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L.L. Bean sheepskin clogs would do it. I wear Birkenstocks on my laminate floor. You wouldn't want to go barefoot anyway; laminate shows foot traffic.
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Thirding Crocs. They're cheap, they come in lots of styles now, and they're great with or without socks. They also last forever. I've bought two pairs in 8 years, and that was only because I got tired of having just the one color. They're great on laminate and tile floors (I have tile/terracotta). Really love the slip-ons, and being able to stuff wool-socked feet in them in winter, then going nekkid feet in summer.

You have pets, right? Bonus: critters can nom them and they remain indestructible (though they will bear surface evidence of claw/teeth marks if it comes to a particularly feisty pet deciding to attack the shoe-that-smells-like-you).
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Crocs for me, too. They're the next best thing to no shoes at all. I'd be mortified to wear them out of the house, but they're so perfect where I don't care what I look like. Not fleece lined or anything special. I don't like slippers, because they make my feet sweat and then they get cold.
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I like my Keen sandals for indoor not-warm-and-scuffy wearing. I've worn them to work and to hike as well. They are not cheap, but they are really comfortable and I've had mine for years. They are most useful if you want good support, traction, and durability, otherwise they are a bit spendy.
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Laurentian Chief.
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Nthing Crocs, I'm on a pair that are at least 5 years old that have never been and will never step outside. They are the only thing keeping a raging cast of plantar fasciitis at bay while I'm barefoot indoors.
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Crocs. They last for ages, are like walking on clouds on pillows on more clouds. You can get fleece lined ones if you don't want to wear socks with them or a whole bunch of cute styles depending on what you like. I like a slip on and off pair, because like you my feet get hot and I just kick them off when I am sitting down.
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Seconding moccasins, with rubber soles.
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I love those Chinese cotton slipper shoes for walking around the house. I have a pair with the cloth soles, and they're both very comfortable and hold up really well.

These are what I'm referring to: Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes.
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I love my crocs for around the house. I wear a sandal in warm weather and the original ones with my own socks in the cold. The fleece-lined crocs make my feet sweat profusely.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Pair o' Birks is on the way. I'm not sure about the Crocs, but I'll consider it.
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I'm seconding the Keens. They're not hot, but have good soles that are as thick and comfy as a shoe. I wear mine a lot.
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