Dear Google, taking hostages counts as evil.
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I have two Google accounts, so I already have Google Plus on one and it's fine, not that I use social networking much. But the other one was the one I used to sign up with Feedly. Which is now insisting that I create a second Google Plus profile in order to sign back in to view my feeds, with no warning. Is there any way out of this aside from creating a brand new feeds account using the email address that already has a profile?

I don't want multiple Plus accounts cluttering things up, and I have quite a lot of feeds and stuff set up that right now I can't access at all, and figuring out where my last-read points were alone for everything will be a giant hassle. I really want to get back into my account at Feedly. If I can't do this, I would prefer to find another service that won't force me to use Google sign-in at all to avoid this in future, but if you'd like to make recommendations, memail me--I'd prefer to keep this to the question of whether there's any way around the forced Plus signup at present.
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Response by poster: Oh, and I did submit a message through Feedly's support about this, too, but since I'm not a paying subscriber I have no idea whether it's going to get a response or when.
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I hate the Google+ upsell too, but honestly, I think you're causing more pain for yourself than necessary. What is the issue with just creating a dummy Google+ account on the second account, and then never touching it? I never use Google+, and it doesn't get in my way. I forget it's even there unless someone reminds me of it. I'm not clear on what your worried about having get cluttered up. As far as I see, it doesn't intrude into my life unless I specifically go to it.

If it's a matter of principle, I totally get that, and I support you. But if it's purely a functional concern, I think you may be over-estimating the problem.
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Response by poster: I don't know how I missed them having a blog, I guess it would be silly for a company that does an RSS reader not to. Hurray!
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