New icon added to work computer task bar called pncmonv3.exe.
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Hi, can someone computer savvy in the hive mind please tell me what pncmonv3.exe does? I have googled it and it doesn't come up with anything. I'm wondering what it can monitor/what it is doing. Thank you.
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Can you find the executable file on the hard drive? The path its located in might give a clue. And you can right click the file to see it's properties. There might be a company name that says where its from.
If you have trouble locating the file, you could try downloading and running process explorer from Microsoft. It can tell you the file path.
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Executables can be renamed to anything without effecting their function, that may be why a google search isn't turning anything up. If this is a work computer, you can probably just ask your IT person what it is, unless you're worried it's monitoring software, in which case you probably shouldn't be doing anything on your work computer that you aren't supposed to anyway.
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If a program is running, you can look at the Task Manager in the "Processes" tab. Over on the far right sometimes there's a comment telling what it is. (If it's running in system mode, you have to hit the "show processes from all users" button.) You can also right-click and select "Open File Location" to discover where it is.
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