Do Sonic Pest Chasers work?
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Do Ultrasonic Pest Control devices really work for mice and rats? When we moved into our current house there apparently was a bad problem with rats that we only found out about by one dying in the walls. We have since gotten rid of them but I have this fear that they will find a way back in. So, if I set a couple of these devices up in our crawlspace and attic would that work to deter them? And will they really not bother my dogs?
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I had one, it was a cheap one, so don't accept this as your only datapoint. It never bothered by dog, but it never seemed to bother the mice either.
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The Federal Trade Commission is dubious about these devices.
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If I was a wandering mouse rousted from my digs and I passed by an apartment with a screeching noise I might move on to the next appartment.

If someone turned on the noise in my own mouse house I would just deal with it.
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We had a couple set up in the kitchen and we still got ants in the summer and had mice in the winter.

They didn't bother the dogs though.
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Never tried the Ultrasonic Pest Controls because somebody told me that regular old Mothballs worked great. I tried it, they did. They need replenishing about once a year, but cheap and effective (at least for me).
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I use rat poison.
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My sister tried the ultrasonic against flying squirrels (northern Wisconsin) and it did not work.
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You could get a pet ferret or weasel. They eat rats.
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Ultrasonic devices are crap. You need a cat.
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You'd be much better off inspecting your house for critter-entrances and closing them off, and looking around your property for critter-attractive-nuisances such as garbage and critter-motels such as gaps under garages.
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The device worked for me. My ferrets never killed a thing.

It's kind of creepy how many "help! mice/rats!" askme posts are appearing lately. Do you think they could really be aliens?
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I agree with dhartung. The best method is always to make sure they cant get in in the first place. Problem solved.
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