There's got to be a better deal - help me find it!
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Posting for a friend: Help me find the most affordable plastic snow globe kit! I need to purchase at least 200 for use in an art show next spring. I am searching for a plastic snow globe kit just like the one in these photos.

I am trying to match one that is available here in the US from (also found on Amazon and Etsy), but at a cheaper price than the $9.99 they are selling it for. I know these are sourced from China - I have scoured, and come up with something similar but not quite what I need.

I am looking for an unassembled snow globe - i.e. no water or snow - in individual pieces - I will assemble it here in my studio with my own weird things inside, so I am not looking for an object inside.

Specs: the snow globe needs to be oval shaped with a black base. 135mm long, 110mm wide, and 130mm tall when assembled (give or take a mm or two). I only require the unassembled kit: the base, the dome/globe, any base plate that the inside objects are attached to, and any plug needed to seal it. The base should be black and plain - no surface decoration, text, color, or texture. Straight up minimal.

I am hoping to purchase 200, but might be interested in up to 1000 if that is the minimum order requirement, and the total price is under $1200 USD, and if the quality is good.

Thanks in advance for your guidance and suggestions! I'll answer any followup questions ASAP.
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Have you tried alibaba?
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Try Oriental Trading. (Sorry I can't search from my phone.)
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Response by poster: Yep! I've scoured Alibaba for days and have emailed scores of manufacturers. Everything is *close* but not the exact thing.
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Have you tried just emailing to ask about possible bulk rates? If they're on Etsy, they can't be that big-- they might be willing to get a bit flexible with their pricing.
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I would definitely contact and ask about bulk deals.
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That looks like a generic plastic dome with a plastic base. This looks somewhat similar but I think it's probably too junky to work. I'd look for something described as a plastic display dome rather than a snow globe.
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Another thing to look at is jars. Here are some Ball canning jars of about the same size at Target. That was just a quick search - there are likely more in a size/shape that could work for you. Here are some that I found searching for "round jars with lids".
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your suggestions! I have contacted about a bulk rate - they offered a rate about 6.95/each, which is significantly better! But since some of the Alibaba offerings are less than a buck apiece, I can't help but imagine there is a better deal available somewhere.

The suggestions about other products that approximate the snow globe are apt - unfortunately, due to the aesthetic nature of the project, I am hoping to find something very close to the kit mentioned above.

Has anyone here had luck working with companies on Alibaba to source specific items with a bulk rate?
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Oriental trading has similar ones, and they're $15.50 for a dozen.
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