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How do I write a sincere thank you letter acknowledging a job offer, and thanking the person for their note, but avoid any language suggesting my decision one way or another?

I'm currently going through the job search process and was recently extended an offer from two companies I was VERY interested in.

From one company, I've also received a few emails congratulating me on the offer and offering to answer any questions I have. I really want to thank them for reaching out and tell them how great it was to meet them (which I sincerely did enjoy and was grateful for).

However, I'm not prepared to fully accept an offer yet, so I want to avoid "i look forward to working with you soon" or something. I also don't want to seem uninterested by saying "i look forward to possibly working with you soon" or something of that nature.

Just want to say thanks, and it was very nice to meet you...
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Are there any questions you have? Or could have? It's an obvious in to write an email saying that it was great to meet them and you enjoyed it and were grateful they took the time, and now you have questions. They want to convince you, clearly, so let them try.
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Thank them for their time and the opportunity to interview. Tell them you appreciate getting to learn a little more about the business, what the person does, etc. I don't think that indicates either way whether you'll take it or not, but it seems to be proper etiquette for interviewing.
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I think I'd explicitly acknowledge that you'll be taking some amount of time to decide, and ask them to specify a time frame for your decision. Something along the lines of "Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview with you -- I enjoyed meeting with you and learning about the company. I appreciate the offer, and plan to consider my decision carefully. When will you need to know my final answer?"

That's if they haven't already specified a deadline, of course. If they have, then end with "I'll be in touch prior to [date] with my final answer."
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One thing that I was oddly surprised about in my recent job-finding dance was how explicitly I had to say I was accepting their offer before the HR guy got excited about it. He seemed to be very trained not to assume anything until I spelled it out.

As far as wording goes, things you can safely (in my opinion) say you are excited about:
the company, the environment, their offer, the job offer, the opportunity

Things you should not say you are excited about:
the job, the position, (the possibility of) working with them soon

Things you can safely say you look forward to (or hope to):
making a decision soon, speaking with them soon/in the next N weeks
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I would thank them for the offer, and let them know you are taking time to discuss it with your family. Ask if there is a hard deadline to get back to them.
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Why haven't you decided? You have questions? Ask them.
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